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I normally don’t fucking scream at people about websites they don’t care about. But this site right here, this site is the shit. It’s fairly cheap (Anatometal is actually somewhat affordable), very good quality, big selection, fantastically fast shipping. 

Also it has an autoclave service for $5. You can have you shiny sterile jewelry all shiny and sterile. 

I got some fantastic eyelets, new nipple rings, tongue web rings, helix ring, regular lobe rings over the course of a few months, all superb. 

Buy from here instead of that shitty stand at the mall that only sells acrylic and lets you touch everything~ 

Holy cow! Thank you! Our hearts feel all warm inside.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A SHOP NEAR YOU THAT SELLS QUALITY JEWELRY or just doesn’t have a large selection and you’re looking for fancy shit, THIS IS YOUR ANSWER.

We constantly get asks about where to buy quality jewelry and THIS IS YOUR ANSWER. Even if you live in Canada or the UK or Australia or Europe - they ship to basically everywhere. If your location isn’t listed on their site, send an e-mail to customer service - they’re AMAZING. 

Where you should get quality body jewelry from:
1. Your local studio that sells quality jewelry. 
2. Body Art Forms.

PROTIP: Make an account and over time they’ll track the money spent and you’ll earn yourself a forever 10% off. They also allow you to submit reviews and product photos for store credit.


YES. BAF is the bestest ♥

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